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Preparing for Handwriting Practice

Give your child time to play, set reasonable expectations and modify the writing surface as you prepare for handwriting practice at home.

Drying and fine motor skills

Fine Motor Skills and Household Chores

In doing household chores children develop a sense of purpose and independence along with good postural control and fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Art Activities and Fine Motor Skills

Engage your children’s interest and motivation as you develop their fine motor skills through art activities using a variety of materials.

Fine motor skills

Cooking and Fine Motor Skills

Cooking with children gives you lots of opportunities to strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills.

fine motor skills

Improve Fine Motor Skills with Stationery Supplies Readily Available at Home

Does your child use stationery supplies readily available at home? Here are some examples to improve fine motor skills.

Learning to Read

Learning to Read

For the involved parent: Components of reading, and strategies and activities to use at home when your child is learning to read.

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voices in the dark

Voices in the Dark

In Voices in the Dark, the author shares a story her father told her about making the most of the opportunities that come our way.

Benefits of reading

Benefits of Reading

Dear Parents, Do you want your children to be fluent readers and proficient in their writing? Do they read books other than their textbooks? Reading is more than a relaxing pastime. Reading books, magazines, and newspapers boost your children’s academic performance too. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of reading and how […]


Websites For Children’s Stories

Here is a list of websites that children can visit to read and listen to stories. 1) Children’s Storybooks Online – Stories for Kids of All Ages The stories are grouped into three-for young children, older children and young adults. 2) StoryPlace: Pre-school Library Preschool Stories 3) CMLibrary: BookHive: Zingertales A large collections of stories […]