3D Miniature Model Of My Kitchen – School Project


Hello everyone,
I am back with another 3D model.. 🙂

Last year my son was given a project at school. He had to get a 3d model of any room in his house. First voice is the project owners… 🙂 . So my son told me we will make our kitchen. Vineeth (my son) and me put on our thinking caps and lots of ideas came up. Lots of masti too…

I had decided to make a simple kitchen with a few cabinets and a toy gas stove. But vinu would not agree on it. “I want my kitchen!!!!” he showed me his puppy dog face and hmmmm what would a mom do but bend in..

Finally we decided on the material and a rough idea of what has to be done.

 how to build 3d model of kitchen - school project - show and tell

Ok lets get started… Before I begin, let me apologize for not posting step by step pictures. This is an old work and I only have pictures of different angles of the model.

Floors and walls

We need a floor and walls. That’s the first stage. So I stuck thermocol on mount board and then made the room first. Sticking thermocol vertically to make the walls was a task. Vinu was my assistant. One wall as u can see in the picture, I made a door.

 how to build 3d model of kitchen - school project - show and tell

As the next step I stuck plain paper all over the thermocol. Again you could avoid this. I did so as I was not sure if I am going to paint the walls.

Kitchen counter top / Kitchen platform

Ok now, the basic things in a kitchen…. the platform, a fridge, gas stove. “Microwave, dinning table “, said vinu.. alright… 🙂 there is no compromise.

For the platform again I used thermocol and pasted white paper on it. Once it was done I painted it black.

Kitchen sink

We need a sink in the kitchen. For the sink I have used a match box. The inside piece of the match box. Perfectly fixed up all these things.

Kitchen cabinets

For the cabinets I just covered up the space with thermocol. The upper cabinets also made using thermocol. You can see in the picture, I have given a sun mica design for the cabinets. I took printouts of sun mica and cut them and stuck on thermocol.

For the handles of the cabinets I took small pieces of paper and pinched them on both ends to give it a handle effect. Then very carefully applied two drops of fevicol on both ends and stuck the handles. Now at this stage, yes I did chase my son away. 😉 kids can really increase your work at times. I would stick the handles and he would take them out. pheww!!! big work is done.


Now the floor and tiles. Again I took printouts of some tiles I liked.. Cut them and pasted them. Wow basic stuff all done.


Okay now the fridge. I used the big match box. Covered it u with foil paper neatly. Like how you would gift wrap a book. Let it dry well. Meanwhile I made the handles for the fridge door. I cut a match stick to the size I wanted and then wrapped it with foil paper. Keep some extra foil paper.. Lets say like you wrap a toffee. The extra portion on the match stick can be bent down to give a 3d effect of handle. Made two such handles and carefully stuck them. Using pen I drew a line between the two handles to give a better effect to the fridge. Lets leave the fridge to dry now.

 how to build 3d model of kitchen - school project - show and tell

Stove and microwave oven

Now for the stove. I have a stove with the grill and oven. So decided to show the same to the maximum possibility. Again I used match boxes. Stacked up two match boxes one on top of the other. Once this was dry, I covered it with foil paper again. Handles were made the same way as for the fridge.

I had some small plastic bottles in which I had bought homeopathy medicines. I used the caps of these bottles as the burners of the stove. Painted them black and stuck them on top of the foil.

Similarly I made a small microwave too.

 how to build 3d model of kitchen - school project - show and tell

Dining table

Dining table as u can see was made with thermocol. Chairs too cut thermocol and stuck pieces together.

Kitchen props

Borrowed some vessels from a friend. Her daughter had a cute steel kitchen set. I found a cooker and a pan and a cute spoon too. I stuck all these in place. I cut three homeopathic plastic bottles from top and put a little salt, sugar and tea leaves in each one. Then stuck the caps using glue. 🙂 I stuck these bottles to the platform.

Sink tap

Oooo!! almost forgot…. Sink needs a tap. I really thought for two days how to made a 3d tap. Was not able to come up with anything. Then vinu asked me can we use straw… I cut up a straw and used the bent portion. Wrapped it with foil paper and stuck it to the wall.

Hmmmm my kitchen is done.. And yes it pretty much looks like my kitchen. Yes the sun mica and tiles are all different.

Now to give the finishing touch. The top part of the thermocol looked bad. So covered this portion also with the tile paper. Similarly all around the kitchen, the mount board was seen and looked really bad. So stuck the tile print out again.
 how to build 3d model of kitchen - school project - show and tell

Yippeeeee my kitchen is done.

How To Build 3D Model Of Kitchen - School Project - show and tell

My son, Vinu was soooooo happy with the result. And I felt like I won a trophy. 🙂
 how to build 3d model of kitchen - school project - show and tell


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