Parenting – This one word conjures up a bunch of emotions, depending upon what age your child is at. Sometimes it helps to get advice from trained professionals and at other times you just need another parent to tell you that “you will be perfectly fine”.

At Indian Parents Forum, you will find a mix of both. Our parenting forums are written and manned by professionals and real-life parents, who share both their professional expertise and lived-in experiences to make your parenting journey seem a little less daunting.

Ask a person one of the most challenging tasks they did? If this person is a parent then their answer will pretty much be “raising kids”. Whether you are a first-time parent dealing with the terrible twos or you are raising teenagers, there are always questions and queries that come up. Sometimes the questions are a simple “how do I do this?” and at times they are more complicated such as “how do I deal with high-school bullies” and at other times you just want to share your funny parenting moments with others. Indian Parents Forum is a space for all of the above and more.

We are not just a parenting forum. While making parenting seem easy and breezy might be our goal, we also have a wide array of other forums that offer suggestions on beauty and travel among others.

And if parenting is not on your radar, no worries, we have a host of other forums such as travel, hobbies, cookery and others that will pique your interest.

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