Authentic Kerala Dish – Aviyal


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I am back after a long time. This time I am posting the step by step recipe along with pictures for a very authentic kerala dish. Its called Aviyal. You will not find any kerala function without this dish. Be it a festival or a wedding or a birthday, Aviyal is the main dish made. And yes this is one of the most healthy dish. So lets get started. :)

Authentic Kerala Dish - Aviyal


carrots – 2
yam – 1/4 kg
long beans – 1/4 kg
drum sticks 2
snake gourd – 1/4 kg
yellow cucumber also called madras cucumber – 1
raw banana – 2
raw mango – 1 or 2 depending on how sour it is
turmeric powder
chilly powder
curry leaves
green chillies

For grinding:

grated coconut, jeera, shallots, green chillies.


In this recipe you do not have to follow the quantity i have mentioned. The only proportion is that all the vegetables must be of same quantity. Only the raw mangoes are for giving a sour taste, so we need to adjust it to taste.

Peal the madras cucumber and remove the seeds as well.

Peal the black portion of the raw banana. Remember not to peal it fully as the skin has lot of fiber in it.

Remove the seeds of the snake gourd and scrap the skin a bit.

If the skin of raw mangoes are sour peal them too and remove the seed.

Remove the skin of the yam.

Wash all the vegetables well.

Cut the vegetables to one inch pieces. All the vegetables have to be of same thickness and length or else they wont cook in the same way.

Slit the green chillies.

Cut the drum sticks and slit them too.

Do not wash vegetables after cutting them. Vegetables loose half their properties if washed after cutting.

Authentic Kerala Dish - Aviyal

Here is a picture of the cut vegetable. The beauty of this dish is mainly that all the vegetables are cut the same way.

Once this is done add a glass of water, salt, chilli powder and turmeric powder. Mix well and then cover and cook.

Authentic Kerala Dish - Aviyal

Chilli powder must not be added much. The dish has to be a yellow colour. So green chillies that we grind later will give the spicy taste.

At this stage, we coarse grind the grated coconut, jeera, shallots and some green chillies.

Authentic Kerala Dish - Aviyal

Here is a picture of the ground mixture. The coconut must not be ground well.

Authentic Kerala Dish - Aviyal

Mix this paste to the cooked vegetables. Add lots of curry leaves. Allow the coconut to cook for a little while to loose the raw taste. Before switching off the stove, add two spoons of coconut oil over the dish and mix well. Close it immediately or you will loose the aroma.

Authentic Kerala Dish - AviyalServe hot and tasty Aviyal with rice or chapathi.

Authentic Kerala Dish - Aviyal

** If raw mango is not available you can use tamarind pulp. Some people use curd too. But I am not comfortable with curd as my dish has spoiled.



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