Bears, Moose and More…Hiking Adventures


It was the July 4th weekend. My friend K & I decided to go for a walk in the trails close to my house. We started off on the Lynx trail around 11:00 in the morning.

Barely two minutes later we ran into a huge mama moose and a two month old baby.


We stopped, wondering if we should hide behind a tree. I didn’t want to be swiped by mama moose. Thankfully, mama moose had doubts too. She took off in the opposite direction, along with the calf.

Next, we passed a lady and two small dogs coming from the opposite direction. It was just another pleasant day. I forgot the moose and began talking about my upcoming trip to India. All of a sudden my friend grabbed my arm tightly and whispered “BEAR”. I stopped, startled. I go hiking on this trail almost every day. There is a stream further up the trail but a stream without fish! So what was a bear doing up here? I was in shock.

brown bear

I looked up…about 50 feet ahead us, a full size black bear was sauntering on the trail, in the same direction as us. We were far enough behind and away from the bear that we could still admire the glossy black coat of fur. In all that fear I still had a ridiculous thought, “Hmm, look what good nutrition can do to your hair!!!” Or was the ridiculous thought just a coping skill? Not wanting to go closer to the bear, we stood there looking at it for a few seconds longer. Then we turned around to go to the other trail which branched off from this one. Even if the bear still hung around in the area, we would be able to see it better as the trail was wider near the airstrip. But we didn’t get any more glimpses of that magnificent animal.

When I went walking on the same trail the next day, I looked around for the “WARNING” sign about the bear. There was none at the parking lot. So we were the only people who saw it…or did we?

As one of the bear lovers put it “You behaved and the bear behaved, right!?” I was happy to say yes, at least in this instance.

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