Belam Maangaaya / Bellam Magaya


Summer is here and the heat is killing me. At the same time mangoes have also arrived.

Yay 🙂

This time I took into account the kids and hubby’s tastes into account and decided to make sweet mango pickle using gur / jaggery / velam / belam..( generally I have a deep vested interest in making the traditional avakkaya for myself).

It turned out so good that I have to share this recipe for Bellam Magaya / Belam Maangaaya with you all.



Raw mangoes – half a kg
Red chilly powder: one and a half ladle ( you may adjust this according to taste)
Turmeric powder
Methi seeds-One and a half ladle
Hing – one spoonful
Jaggery /belam- 400 grams



1. Wash the mangoes and dry them with a clean cloth. To be on the safe side keep the washed mangoes spread out on a towel under the fan for half an hour.

2. Cut the mangoes to small pieces.

3. Add turmeric powder and salt … Mix well using a wooden spoon.

4. Tie the top of the vessel with a clean cloth ( I used my hubby’s angavastram). Leave it like that for a day.

5. Open the vessel the next day and stir the mangoes with a dry spoon.

6. Add the chilly powder and hing.

7. Roast the methi seeds to a deep brown colour and cool it.

8. Once cool , grind it coarsely and keep aside.

9. Cut the jaggery to small pieces and add it to the mangoes. Mix well with a spoon.

10. The mixture will turn watery as the jaggery melts due to natural heat.

11. Top it up with the ground methi powder.

12. Mix again and tie the vessel with the cloth.

13. Place the vessel in the sunlight for 3 to 4 days opening it once everyday and stirring it.

14. After 4 days the mixture would have thickened.

15. Transfer it to a pickle jar and enjoy.

It can be eaten with bread and rotis. It tastes great with curd rice.

P.s. The seeds of the mangoes can also be pickled along with the cut mango pieces.

This recipe was submitted by mahalakshmi


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