If you are looking for a toy that encourages and enhances problem solving in your kid, then building blocks would be an ideal choice.

The benefits of building blocks are too many to list.

They improve

  • Motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Spatial skills
  • Creative thinking where the kid enjoys pretend play
  • It is believed that this toy helps with advanced math skills in later life.
    1. Sorting based on shape and color recognition.
    2. Sizes – Joining blocks to make the structure bigger and taking the structure apart to make it smaller
    3. Counting

Since kids can put together blocks in a variety of ways, block play is divergent play. Divergent play can prepare kids to think creatively and be better at solving divergent problems.

When the toy is first introduced to the kid, play with the kid to show how to build using blocks. Once your child gets accustomed, ask her to build a particular shape / structure. It is a good idea to combine pretend play with building blocks

For example: Build a city and use dolls to play in the city. (Done by my little one when she was around 3)

The story created here is about a girl who takes a stroll in the city with her pony

Girl ready for the stroll

Benefits of building blocks

Uh ho …… Rain plays spoil sport so girl opens her umbrella. Pony standing next to her.

Benefits of building blocks

Girl and her pony stroll through the city

Benefits of building blocks

This green board was purchased from toys or us for about 5 dollars. A valuable accessory that may also be glued to kiddy table.

Elephant made for the zoo. This was done when she was around 4 years old.

Benefits of building blocks