Benefits of Reading


Dear Parents,

Do you want your children to be fluent readers and proficient in their writing? Do they read books other than their textbooks? Reading is more than a relaxing pastime. Reading books, magazines, and newspapers boost your children’s academic performance too.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of reading and how they help children’s academic success

Children come across new vocabulary words when reading books, words that are not part of their everyday conversations or their academic lessons. They learn that there are many ways to describe their experiences, their emotions or even objects, all by using different words. Children refer to the ‘context’ or the situation in which these words are used to understand their meaning.

Reading gives children lots of practice. Only, they practice on the kind of books they like without the pressure of exams. It is important for children to practice reading because they develop a visual memory for words and become fluent readers. Fluent readers understand what they read much better than children who struggle to read the words.

When children read books, they get absorbed in the plot, event, and facts. They think critically about what they read during and after reading. Thinking about what they read arouses children’s curiosity, and they seek out other books by the same author, or of the same genre or topic. The motivation to read is not driven by any rewards or marks but by an intrinsic need or personal interest.

Children who read more have a greater chance of being good writers. They use a variety of words in their writing, but they also know how to make their writing interesting.

Children are introduced to different writing styles when they read a variety of books. They learn sentence structure, punctuation and new ways of using words when they read books, various authors.

Reading increases children’s knowledge about people, places, cultures and more. Your kids will gain a bank of information to apply to topics in their academic subjects.

Reading is fun and calming. Children who read in their spare time spend less time watching TV or playing with electronic gadgets.

Next time you find your kids with a book that is not a textbook, don’t worry. They are still learning essential skills, skills which will improve their academic performance!


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