Book Review: Chicken Little


Author & Illustrator: Steven Kellogg

Age Level: 4-8 years

Publishers: Harper Collins

ISBN: 978075872232

book review - chicken little - by steven kellogg

A cheeky retelling of the traditional story, Steven Kellogg’s Chicken Little entertains kids and adults with hilarious illustrations and the play on words.

book review - chicken little - by steven kellogg

An acorn falls on Chicken Little who reacts by shouting that the sky is falling. The other birds hear the commotion and add to the chaos one by one. Foxy Loxy who has been lying in wait for Chicken Little can’t believe his luck. So many birds in one go! As he daydreams about cooking the hen southern fried, saving up the goose for Christmas, and stuffing turkey at Thanksgiving, he plans to capture the birds.

book review - chicken little - by steven kellogg

Foxy Loxy almost gets away with it—but all is well. His plans thwarted, Foxy Loxy is arrested and the birds are set free.

My daughter loves the silly rhyming names. There were lots of giggles when Foxy Loxy changes the ‘poultry’ sign on the van to poulice, and when sergeant Hippo Hefty lands on Foxy Loxy. The illustrations match the humorous tone of the text and you almost sympathize with the fox.

Here’s a video of the read aloud:

In the author’s own words:


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