Book Review: Duck for President


Author: Doreen Cronin

Illustrator: Betsy Lewin

Age Level: 4-8 years

Publishers: Scholastic Inc

ISBN: 0439671442

Anyone looking for a practical guide to how democracy works will have to get Duck for President. The story starts with the animals wanting a change of governance. They feel they’ve had to do too many chores and that there are way too many rules…a change is needed at the top!

Enter Duck, our hero!

book review - duck for president by Doreen Cronin

Duck decides that running a farm must be less work than mowing the grass. Duck challenges Farmer Brown’s authority by proposing an election. Thus starts a hilarious practical guide to how the democracy process works for preschoolers and early elementary classes.

Starting from the poster announcing the election, deciding who is eligible to vote, to the ballot recount the book keeps you engrossed. Does duck find running the farm any easier? No! That too is way too much work. Never fear. He certainly has executive skills-he delegates that job to farmer Brown and moves on to the post of the governor. Aided by other able ducks (the only ones who can understand him) in his campaign team he wins the governorship. Oh, but if only it was less work!

book review - duck for president by Doreen Cronin

Duck decides to run for the presidency and wins it! Is duck satisfied? Is he the right duck for the job? Is this the right job for duck?

Grown-ups will love the tongue in cheek writing and find parallels in the presidential races. The illustrations match the mood of the story. And to think it all started with Duck not wanting to do any work!

Here is an animated video.


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