Book Review: Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs


Author and Illustrator: Mo Willems

Age Level: 4-8 years

Publishers: Balzer +Bray (HarperCollins)

ISBN: 9780062104182

book review - Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, a familiar fairy tale, Mo Willems and humor, what is there not to like in this book? This was a big hit with the kids who love dinosaurs in any size, shape or story!

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs is a retelling of the traditional fairy tale, but with a twist. Three dinosaurs (who already knew much about Goldilocks it seems), a papa, a mama and the third-a visitor from Norway, get the house ready for no reason. The list on the refrigerator door says, ‘pudding, chairs, beds, eat’ and you see papa dinosaur cooking the pudding, mama making the bed ready and the visitor from Norway carrying the chair. Is it any wonder you’re surprised to see the dinosaurs go Someplace Else instead of doing the last chore on the list?

Then comes Goldilocks and you realize that the dinosaurs are planning to eat, just not the chocolate pudding! Goldilocks walks in though the open front door and eats her way through all three bowls of pudding, hot, cold and just right. Too tired, she walks over to the bedroom.

The spying dinosaurs can’t contain their excitement and gloat about the delicious, chocolate filled little girl bonbons. Luckily (for her) Goldilocks hears them. She looks around and realizes that this is not the bears’ home. Someone has read up about her and the three bears and set a trap!
Wham! Goldilocks runs out the back door a step ahead of the dinosaurs as they come running in through the front door. Alas, they are too late!

The book ends with two morals—one for Goldilocks and one for the dinosaurs. Kids will love the whacky sense of humor and the details in the illustrations.

Here’s a read aloud on youtube:


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