Book Review: Lost In The Woods


Authors: Carl R Sams II & Jean Stoick
Age Level: 4-8 years
Publishers: Carl R Sams II Photography (June 30, 2004)
ISBN: 978-0967174884

Book Review - Lost In The Woods

What a stunning book! Adults and children will be enthralled by this journey into nature. A fawn is found all alone in the woods. His mother is nowhere to be found. Is he lost? One by one the other animals and birds in the woods wonder about the fawn. But the fawn knows his mother is coming, she told him so!

The mother deer leaves him alone because he is born scent free and his spots help him stay camouflaged and hidden from predators. He is not lost at all. Slowly the baby fawn stands up and tries to walk. He is a little unsteady on his feet but he still manages to take a few steps. At the end his mother comes to take him with her! The fawn was right to wait. He knew she was always going to come back.

Told with captivating nature photographs Lost In The Woods is the second book by the authors of Stranger In The Woods. I didn’t know that deer were born scent free. When we looked up more information we found that the mother deer actually eats her fawn’s urine and droppings! Sometimes we humans rescue fawns when they really should be left alone. After reading this book, my five year old has been taking pictures of every animal she sees, including insects! This book has definitely made her more observant and curious about all living things she sees around her.

There is even a movie version of this book available at

Stranger in the Woods – Lost in the Woods: The Movie DVD


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