Book Review: Marsupial Sue


Author: John Lithgow Illustrator: Jack E. Davis

Age Level: 4-8

Publishers: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; Book and CD edition (September 1, 2001)

ISBN: 978-0689843945

book review - marsupial sue

Marsupial Sue a young kangaroo, is unhappy with all the loud and heavy hopping that kangaroos do. She decides that she wants to be anything but a kangaroo. In her attempts to find what it is that she really wants, Marsupial Sue tries to be a koala, a platypus and a wallaby. She finds that hanging upside down may be fine for the koalas but she really can’t do that because the branches are not strong enough for her. Then she lays belly up in the water and eats seafood like the platypus. Marsupial Sue falls sick because that’s really not what she eats! Why does the very thing which looks appealing turn out to be so painful for Marsupial Sue?

One day Marsupial Sue comes across a family of wallabies. As she hops along with them at their pace, she finds herself enjoying the bouncing. Wait! This is no different from being a kangaroo, just slower! Marsupial Sue realizes that the secret to being happy is being oneself, with a little bit of tweaking—to do the thing you do at your own pace.
From “Hey, Kangaroos don’t eat fish! That’s too silly” to drawing conclusions, “Ya, you can get sick if you eat something that you are not supposed to,” my five year old has been rereading the book over and over again since we got it from the library. The rhyming text and the illustrations are very appealing. The song is so catchy and is perfect for the road!

Here is the book sung by John Lithgow:



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