Book Review: Math For All Seasons


Author: Greg Tang Illustrator: Harry Briggs
Age Level: 5-8 years
Publishers: Scholastic Press
ISBN: 97804399210423


With a name like this it is impossible to pass over this book. Math for All Seasons is the second book in the series by Greg Tang, the author of Grapes of Math.

In this innovatively conceived book, the author poses math riddles for early elementary grade kids. The riddles are related to the seasons and illustrations use seasonal themes as well. Each riddle is cleverly illustrated to highlight patterns that cue young readers to solve the riddles.

There are many ways to solve the problems presented in the riddle. The easiest option is, of course, to count the objects one by one to find the solution. On the other hand, readers can try to find other ways to find the solution by using the tricks hinted at in the rhyme. Invariably the reader ends up doing simple addition, subtraction or multiplication.

My daughter has been working in counting in multiples of ten and fives (skip counting). We used the sums in this book to see how skip counting actually makes counting easier. The problems in the book can also be used as an introduction to understanding how to use multiplication tables as well.

At the back of the book, you can see the explanations of how to group the numbers with the help of the illustrations (in case you are stumped while helping your child of course!).


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