Book Review: On A Beam Of Light: A story of Albert Einstein

Author: Jennifer Berne Illustrator: Vladimir Radunsky

Age Level:6-10 years

Publishers: Chronicle Books LLC

ISBN: 9780811872355

book review - On a beam of light

From the author of the award winning ‘Manfish’ comes another well done biography. On a Beam of Light is a biography of Albert Einstein, told for children.

book review - On a beam of light

Biographies can be tricky. They have to be more than just a timeline of all the important events in a person’s life to get them thinking about the person. In this book, the author lays bare the essential nature of Einstein—as one who wondered and asked questions about everything that interested him. Children readily identify with this trait. How many of us can say we haven’t been stumped by the ‘why’s put to us by children?

Einstein’s life is narrated not just as a chronicle of events but as an acknowledgement of his curiosity and his search for answers.

book review - On a beam of light
Starting with the silent child who nevertheless ‘wondered’, Einstein’s curiosity leads him to more and more questions as he learns about gravity, magnetism, sound and light.

book review - On a beam of light

The text and illustrations complement one another as they convey Einstein’s nature and the complex work he did.

The wonder in the wide eyed look of the child who doesn’t yet talk, the absolute comfort in being himself as he walks about without shoes, the passage of time to show the speed of light engage young readers as they learn about Einstein.

A must have for your nonfiction collection!

(This post was written by Janie)


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