Book Review: Stranger in the Woods


Author: Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick

Age Level: 3-8 years

Publishers: Carl R Sams II Photography

ISBN: 9780967174805


We got Stranger in the Woods for my daughter when she was three years old. She was absolutely fascinated by the photographs. Two years later she is still fascinated by the photographs in this book.

There is a stranger in the woods and the animals are all aflutter…who can it be? The suspense builds up beautifully as the animals wonder about this stranger. Who will go check the stranger out? Several woodland animals volunteer one by one. The young buck and the cardinal are the most insistent. The two go over to the stranger only to find that the chickadee beat them to it.

There is a wonderful discovery to be made—the stranger has lots of nuts, seeds and more, for all the animals. The animals eat all these and leave.

My daughter loved the growing mystery. She was so surprised to see that the stranger was really a snowman! To see two children come out of hiding to stock up the snowman once more was too exciting. Building a snowman has been my daughter’s most favorite thing to do in the wintertime. She has taken to checking if the animals in the woods near our home have had their share of food from her snowman. The wildlife photographs are simply gorgeous and children will enjoy looking at the pictures of real animals.

A must have for the ‘Animals in winter’ theme in the kindergarten classroom, ‘Stranger in the Woods’ won several awards including the 2000 Benjamin Franklin Award and the 2001 International Reading Association Award.


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