Book Review: That Is Not A Good Idea!


Author & Illustrator: Mo Willems

Age Level: 3-7 Years

Publishers: Walker Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781406355581

Mo Willems does it again with That Is Not A Good Idea! It is not for nothing that his books are favorites in our home.

book review: this is not a good idea

Fox is delighted when he sets his eyes on plump mother goose. Dinner has just arrived. Fox is too suave to give chase or to frighten Goose. He asks her to go for a stroll instead.

book review: this is not a good idea

Wait, did Mother Goose just agree to go with him? What can she be thinking? We the readers are not the only ones taken by surprise. The baby geese are not happy either and shout out “That is Not a Good Idea!”

book review: this is not a good idea

The babies flap their way through the refrain as Fox leads Mother Goose one step closer to dinner. My children enjoyed the suspense as the number of ‘really’s increased in the refrain. The illustrations are funny and filled with details and the kids just loved the chicks flapping their wings in warning. The buildup of suspense was perfect to make predictions and inferences (Why do you think it is not a good idea? What do you think will happen?)

Oh, but the end is a brilliant twist to the plot! The kids thought it was the coolest thing to happen.

Like other Mo Willems books, this one too is ideal for interactive reading. My kids called out, “That is not a good idea!” while I read the other lines. The refrain has even spilled into our lives. Every time one of the two gets up to mischief, the other warns, “That is not a good idea!”

This is one of those books that adults will enjoy as much as kids. The illustrations remind us of silent film era with the ‘dialogues’ in the page spreads following the pictures. Kids may not get that part of the book, but the story is just fantastic!


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