Book Review: The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig


Author: Eugene Trivizas Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
Age Level: 5-9 years
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780689815287


The Three Little Wolfs and the Big Bad Pig??? In another twist to the traditional fairy tale, Eugene Trivizas tells a very different story!

As I read the first half of the story, I wondered where the author was taking this. Helen Oxenbury’s wolves looked cute, fluffy and endearing and I stuck with our book reading. I am glad I did!

The three little wolves leave home with a warning from their mama to watch out for the big bad pig. Their very first house is built with bricks which they all build together. Along comes the big bad pig who threatens to huff and puff the house down if they don’t let him in. When the pig realizes that he can’t blow the house down, he proves his mettle by breaking it down with a sledgehammer.

The wolves escape just before the house comes tumbling down. Determined to build their house with stronger material, they scout around and find concrete!


Just as they finish building their concrete house, the big bad pig finds them again. This time around he uses a drill hammer to break the house down.

Once again the wolves escape from the crumbling house. Determined to build a stronger house they meet a kind rhino who gives them barbed wire, armored plates, plexiglass and reinforced steel. Their new house resembles a fortress, but it is still no match for the big bad pig. He blows the house down with dynamite.

Hey, I warned you that it is different! Don’t give up on the book yet…the ending is the best part. It is quite a lesson for us adults in these troubled times. Your children will definitely have lots to discuss after the book.

Not only is this book a good addition to the fractured fairy tale them, but the amount of details on building also makes it fantastic for the construction theme.

There are several read alouds on Youtube and this is the link to a read aloud of the book by children:


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