Book Review: Tiny Little Fly


Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Kevin Waldron

Age Level: 2-6 years

Publishers: Candlewick Press

ISBN: 9780763646813

Narrated in simple rhyming text this book is about a mischievous tiny little fly who pits himself against much, much bigger animals.

Tiny Little Fly

Sees great big toes…

Tiny Littly Fly

sits on Elephant’s nose…

Tiny Little Fly spies an elephant, then a tiger, and then a hippo. Oh the fly just can’t resist sitting on them one after another. How easy it must be for these bigger animals to squash the fly. Or is it really?


They stomp, crush, roll, squash, swoop, and snatch…all to no avail. Tiny Little Fly is just too fast for them! With a promise to return later and a mischievous smile, Tiny Little Fly buzzes away.

The illustrations catch the fun filled challenge in the animals’ expressions. You can’t help but root for the fly at the end. A great read aloud for very young kids, they will enjoy all the action with the animals.


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