Book Review: What Do You Do With An Idea?


Author: Kobi Yamada Illustrator: Mae Besom

Age level: 4-8 years

Publisher: Compendium Inc

ISBN: 9781936298073

Book Review: What Do You Do With An Idea

A little boy is taken aback when a new idea suddenly dawns on him. At first he is reluctant to accept and build on it, thinking it is too far fetched. The idea persists, following him everywhere, until he accepts that it is really a good idea after all.

Book Review: What Do You Do With An IdeaMost importantly, it makes the little boy happy as it grows on him.

People around him are not too sure about this—it is a waste of time surely to indulge in such fancies! Can it be of any actual use?

Book Review: What Do You Do With An Idea

Naturally the little boy is discouraged a little bit but he finds it within him to trust in his idea and in his ability to make something out of it. As he spends more and more time with the idea, it grows and so does he. He learns to look at things with new eyes and the familiar scenes around him present new opportunities.

‘ What Do You Do With An Idea? ‘ illustrates beautifully how we learn and grow as people when we take ownership of our ideas and develop them.

Book Review: What Do You Do With An Idea

The ending is brilliant! Children learn that when they accomplish what they set out to do in developing an idea, it takes a life of its own. Others can build on it or add to it and enrich the world.

The easy language and the lovely illustrations compliment each other so well making the message meaningful even to very young readers.

‘What Do You Do With An Idea?’won the Gold Independent Publishers Book Award (IPPY).

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