Book Review: What If Everybody Did That?


Author: Ellen Javernick. Illustrator: Colleen M Madden
Age Level: 4-8 years
Publishers: Amazon Publishing
ISBN (13): 978-0-7614-5686-5


Sometimes children get caught up in doing something naughty or breaking rules without thinking about the consequences of their actions. For very young children this is a hard concept to understand and for older kids they often feel it is just that once. In the book “What if Everybody did that?” The author gets kids thinking about how their actions affect others.

The illustrations show the children what would happen if everybody did the offending action and allows them to draw their own conclusions. That is great for young kids because it presents such a concrete picture of the scene. It gives us opportunities to lead open discussions and get the kids thinking.

The one drawback is that the book doesn’t make a distinction between the actions-some are about rules that must always be followed (for safety reasons) while others maybe just silly things which may inconvenience others.

After all the serious messages, it ends on a positive note asking everybody to give their mom a hug!

Here’s a read aloud of the book from youtube:

What If Everybody Did That? shows how simple acts can lead to untidy, inconvenient and even difficult situations if everybody did that.


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