Book Review: You Are (Not) Small


Author: Anna Kang Illustrator: Christopher Weyant

Age Level: 2-6 years

Publisher: Two Lions (Amazon

ISBN: 9781477897720


I haven’t had this much fun reading a book! I read this late in the night waiting at the airport lounge and ended up waking everyone around with my loud laughter! I passed the book around as an apology and explanation, and they laughed too.

A very simple book, ‘You Are (Not) Small’ is all about perspectives. The plot is so simple that it will appeal to young kids as well as the older ones. The illustrations are quite funny and suit the mood.

Two creatures argue back and forth on how big they are. It all begins with one creature calling the other ‘small’, and the other refuting it with “No, you are big.” Both consider the other to be the ‘different’ one and neither will back down. In fact they even bring more of their own kind to reiterate their positions.


As the argument gets louder, WHAM! they are interrupted by other creatures who make them rethink their points of view. While the illustrations and text seem to be geared towards children, there is a lesson for us adults too.


After reading the book, my kids have been walking around announcing to everyone, “You are …” “No, You are …” This book has been quite a valuable tool in teaching my almost five year old to think about others’ points of view. The text is so simple and repetitive that she reaches for the book and reads by herself while my toddler can repeat the lines from memory.

The ending is too funny! Be prepared for your young reader to blurt it out while you are out and about!

You Are (Not) Small won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award for 2015, A Silver Honor from the Parents’ Choice Awards, and is on the ALA’s list of Notable Children’s Books.


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