Book Review: You Are Stardust


Author: Elin Kelsey Illustrator: Soyeon Kim
Age Level: 4-8 years
Publishers: Owlkids Books Inc
ISBN: 9781926973357

Book Review - You Are Stardust

If you have one of those budding scientists who asks you a million and one “why?” every day, this is the book for you! Emily Kelsey’s You Are Stardust presents much factual information in easy to understand language.

Book Review - You Are Stardust

It begins with…

“You are stardust…
Every tiny atom in your body
Came from a star that exploded
Long before you were born.”

I wondered if the concepts were too complicated for four year olds. I needn’t have worried. That’s because the book isn’t about stardust as such-central idea is to get children to look at their world with new eyes and ask questions about it. A few hours after the first read aloud, a four year old asked me, “I have a little bit of stardust in me? Why? Where is it? Why can’t I see it? Do you have some too? Does my sister have some too?”

When we went for a walk, there were more questions. “Does the bird have stardust too? Is my skin falling off just like the snake’s skin? Am I moulting?”

Book Review - You Are Stardust

Book Review - You Are Stardust

With promises of “I have to sleep well so my bones can grow,” and observations of “I have electricity like lightning in my brain,” this book is treasure trove of interesting tidbits geared to arouse children’s curiosity about how they are connected to everything around them.

What can you say about the illustrations other than that they are simply outstanding! The kids poured through the pages trying to find how the thread whale was the same as the picture of the whale and have been walking around all day listening to the earth breathe (silence at last!).

A must have to foster curiosity and observation in your kids. It is perfect for five years onwards but even younger kids can comprehend quite a bit of information thanks to the illustrations.

You can buy the interactive read-aloud from the iTunes store here:

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