Book Review: You Get What You Get


Author: Julie Gassman Illustrator: Sarah Horne
Age Level:4-8 years
Publishers: Picture Window Books (Capstone Imprint)
ISBN: 978-1479521579


Parents, do you have a child who has to negotiate with you for everything? Does your child throw a tantrum every time she is disappointed? Then this is the book for you and your child!

Melvin knows that at school he can’t get his way in everything. He has to accept that he can’t always have a choice because the rule is “You get what you get and don’t throw a fit!”

Melvin is happy that no one at home knows that rule because he can insist on getting his way. One day Melvin’s sister throws a fit and Melvin lets the cat out of the bag when he tells her, “You get what you get and don’t throw a fit.” His parents and sister get a new look in their eyes because now they know how to deal with Melvin’s tantrums. He is now forced to follow the same rule at home!

Melvin’s tantrums are presented in a humorous way and the reader realizes that he knows what he is doing. The book tackles the behavior without being preachy and that gets the message across very effectively.

A very good book to get children thinking about self-control and how the rule benefits them when applied to other kids.


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