When we were kids, my dad used to ‘drag us’ once a year to the town in which he grew up. It was neither a pukka village nor a modern city. It was a small town where everyone knew everyone. So it was like being under 24*7 surveillance if you know what I mean. Haha 😀

Of course, it was inconvenient for us as we did not want to “waste” our summer vacation in a village.

“We have made plans with friends here”

we protested.

Obviously our protests fell on deaf ears 🙂

Now that I am older and (hopefully) wiser, I am glad that he took us to visit his home town. Those trips taught me about life in real India which was much different from the township life that I knew. I remember the simple, uncomplicated, relaxed days and the resourcefulness of the people there.

Much like the kids in Adam Sandler’s movie titled Grown ups, we used to resist while getting ready but all was forgotten as soon as we landed there. First few minutes were spent comparing who had grown taller that year and then it was days of endless fun under the sun. We ran around like hooligans and returned home in the evening tanned and covered in dust. Scraped elbows and knees were proof of the amount of amount of fun a kid had  😀 .

I saw the girls in the village weaving pretty plastic wire baskets, making 3D bead shapes, jasmine flower garlands. Thankfully I had the sense to learn some of these skills from them.

I also witnessed kids toys and rice storage boxes being woven with palm and coconut tree fronds.

coconut tree fronds

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them again after many many years at the Polynesian cultural center, Honolulu.

I guess my excitement was too obvious because the kind lady who was teaching kids to weave a fish asked me if I would like to take a few leaflets with me.

Hallelujah!!!! ….. Of course I wanted to grab as many as I can. 🙂

So I took them to my hotel room and made these toys that night itself before the leaves dried. The lighting in the hotel room had an yellow tint so the pictures are not that great. But I am sure these tutorials will bring back fond memories for a few of you.

Hope you enjoy these tutorials. I would love to hear your comments. Please leave them below.

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