Control Frizz With Homemade Hibiscus Hair Oil


If you have curly or wavy hair, you have most probably experienced the dreaded flyaway or frizzy hair. I share your hair woes. 🙂

I believe that Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (/செம்பருத்தி) is the best natural frizz buster.

sembaruthi-flowers - hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus leaves and flowers provide nourishment to hair and make it soft and also stimulate faster growth.

But unfortunately, it is not easy to get our hands on a steady supply of hibiscus flowers. If you live in a place where Hibiscus plants don’t grow well, you can buy dried flowers in herbal shops. Some shops sell hibiscus powder but it is possible that it is adulterated with powdered bricks. Yes the very same red bricks that are used for construction. So make sure that you buy herbal supplies from reputed shops.

Drop a few of these flowers in your hair oil and massage hair regularly with it (10 flowers / 100 ml). The oil might give a slight shiny reddish tint to your hair. This makes the hair glisten when you are under the sun.

Have you tried this oil before? Did it help control frizz? Post your comments below.


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