Guess Who? Exposing Inner Workings in Bollywood

Think you know all the inner wheeling and dealings of Bollywood? Take our quiz and see how you rate


Cheating Couples

When this couple (both extremely good looking model turned actors) broke up after a long time, and the guy went on to marry a non-filmy girl, he surprised everyone. Most of them blamed the guy and called him a commitment phobe…. After all the said couple was in a relationship for more than 7-years, but never walked the aisle. So it was shocking when he broke up with his long-time girlfriend and within a year married his new girl.

Now my peaches I know guessing the answer to the above is no rocket science. So let me complicate matters a little bit for you, so that you can exercise those grey cells. Now, everyone thinks its the guy that cheated, while the girl was the heart-broken victim. Little do they know that the girl was no saint either.

Sometime back she did a very serious movie with a national award winning actor. Rumor has it that on the sets of that movie, she hooked up with the actor, who is married to a very popular actress, who is Bollywood royalty and a favorite with the Badshah of Bollywood. This
actor who has a happily married image is a known philanderer so his hooking up with the model turned actress was not surprising. News of his affair broke out after his wife, who wanted to surprise him on their wedding anniversary, turned up on the sets at 12 in the night and found her husband and his co-star together in the co-star’s bedroom….

Southern Spice

So you know your girl gossip queen was once dining at a five-star restaurant and these places are like a feast, pun intended, for gossip queens like me. So after my dinner, my date offers to take me to the rooftop of the restaurant to get some cool breeze (What else were you thinking???)

While waiting for the elevator what did my eyes see? The elevator opened and this superstar of South Indian films, who like old wine only gets better with age, walked out of the elevator hand in hand with this South Indian actress turned acclaimed director. Now, this was shortly after the guy had ditched his wife and two young daughters, one of whom is a struggling actress. The two looked so much in love and bless my weak heart, it skipped a beat when he held the lady director’s hand and walked into one of the executive suites…. So I asked around and came to know that this was just a meaningless hook up…. But believe me my cheries these were two people I never ever expected together.

Now this is one couple that looked good together, so what if it was just a fling! The man has now moved on and is in a live-in relationship with another popular South Indian actress, whereas, the lady recently hosted a reality tv show. Coming back to the man, he is talented, and intelligent but is a terrible husband. He cheated on his first wife with his second wife and then cheated on his second wife with a very young actress…. When his second wife learned of the affair, she walked out and despite the husband being rich the second wife was left penniless. Your gossip queen’s close friend visited the second wife, who moved into a one-room shanty apartment and had to struggle for work….

So what are you waiting for. If you can guess who we are talking about leave your answers in the comments section….


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