Is Sonam Kapoor the Queen of Snide Remarks?

Looks like marriage has toned down one of bollywood’s snootiest actor – Kareena Kapoor. Don’t trust me…. Well ask poor Bipasha Basu, the Kapoor girl once called Bipasha a Kaali Billi (Black Cat) on a film set and made her cry. However, it seems Sonam Kapoor’s antics will make Kareena look like a saint!


Sonam Kapoor seems to be saying, don’t be fooled by my somber looks, I can throw shade just as good as Kareena

A few-years ago when Sonam appeared on the popular chat show Koffee with Karan, she teamed up with Deepika Padukone and the two made a lot of jokes at the expense of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor. Now don’t ask me why? But of course, because Ranboo dumped these two for Katrina, talk about sour grapes and how.

And just when I thought that Deepika and Sonam were best of friends, thus defying the long-held belief that two actors can never be friends, Sonam has proven that some things never change! Now don’t wrap your little heads into knots, I will tell you just what I am talking about.


Lost in thought is Deepika Padukone trying to think “Oh and Sonam I thought we were friends!”

So recently Deepika was up in arms when the online edition of Times of India talked about her cleavage exposure. Deepika, like most young and ecstatic actors rallied against Times of India on Twitter! But where else. She then went on to write a facebook post protesting against sexualization and objectification of women by the media. She raved and ranted, rightly so…. And while Gossip Queen agrees with her wholeheartedly, she cannot help but wonder about the timing of Deepika’s anger. Curiously enough it was timed just before the release of her Finding Fanny and the latest number from her upcoming film Happy New Year. Anyways, not only did Deepika garner everyone’s sympathy but it even peaked the audience’s interest in both Finding Fanny and Happy New Year.

Guess who did not like that? Why Sonam of course because all the attention from Sonam and her much-talked about Khoobsurat, so what does she do? Make a rather snide and sarcastic comment. Now here’s what happened, she was recently asked in an interview what she thought about Deepika’s argument against objectification of women. Instead of supporting another female actor, Sonam haughtily said something like this “If you want others to respect you, you need to respect yourself first…” Ouch, now that must have hurt… Now I hope Deepika’s feelings weren’t hurt by Sonam’s vicious reply…

Now Gossip Queen truly doesn’t like to give unasked advice or suggestions, but then I cannot keep quiet when a girl like Sonam tries to ape me. Sweetheart you should try focusing on your acting skills and leave being sarcastic and venomous to the likes of me….



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