Kutch embroidery originated from Kutch in Gujarat, India. This is one of the most popular Indian embroidery stitches.

kutch embroidery - hand embroidery tutorials with step by step pictures

Similar to Kamal Kadai embroidery, this also involves weaving of threads without punching the fabric. A base of squares (/diamonds) is first stitched and then another layer of interlacing or weaving is done on this base.

This might appear like a complicated stitch but this is very easy once you understand the basic rule – Loop around corners and weave through intersections.

kutch embroidery tutorial - general tips and tricks

In this embroidery, thread is woven ie needle goes up and down and up.  To make this tutorial as easy as possible, I have added a lot of pictures. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to leave your comments. 🙂

In the gallery below, you will find tutorials for common kutch embroidery motifs. Start with the first tutorial as it is the simplest. The tutorials will progressively get more complicated. Click on the image of the motif that you want to learn in the gallery below to open the tutorial for that motif.

The second layer is interlaced on the grid. (Not much punching and pulling happens). Hence this is an embroidery of choice for delicate fabric like sarees and blouses.

Kutch embroidery cannot be understood easily with instructions alone. I have added a lot of step by step pictures and they are self explanatory. So in all my kutch embroidery tutorials, I will keep the chatter to a bare minimum. Simply follow the steps as they are shown in the pictures and you will be able to stitch them without any issues.

A couple of tips while doing kutch work embroidery

For weaving, make sure that the length of the thread is enough but not too long which will make the weaving hard.

Using a sharp needle for the base stitch and a blunt needle for weaving will make this a lot easier. Sharp needle will tend to pick up unwanted strands from the base or the fabric itself.

I am getting video tutorials also ready I will be posting them in future (2 of them added already). Watch this space.

Video tutorial for
1. Squares in a row.
2. Single square.

Hope you liked the tutorials. Don’t miss our stitch gallery.

embroidery stitch gallery - hand embroidery tutorials with step by step pictures

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