Playskool busy poppin pals is an excellent toy to improve fine motor skills in kids.


My kid is all grown up and doesn’t use it anymore. So I no longer have it and had to look for a picture online. It is available in India too.

This toy has 5 different activities that kids have to perform to make the animal pals pop out. The animal pals are hiding and when the kid pushes a button or turns the key or moves a knob, the animal pal springs up.


Playskool busy poppin pals

  1.  Sliding a knob left and right
  2. Sliding a knob front and back
  3. Pushing a button
  4. Turning like a key
  5. Switch button

Initially it is a bit difficult for little kids. But once they get the hang of it, there is no stopping them and they enjoy this accomplishment.

A nice toy to introduce 5 different animals with whom your kid can play peekaboo.


Has a handle and hence kids can easily walk around carrying it like a suitcase.

It simply doesn’t break. My kid has dropped her purple toy many times.

No Batteries. yay


Nothing that I could remember except that for the first two days, my kiddo was a bit frustrated and I had to turn or move the knobs for her.