Small irritants that spoil family peace big time at home


In the past, people had the luxury of relaxing and spending time as a family every evening. Since most of us are in a rush all the time, even minor irritants turn into arguments that steal at least 30 minutes from our lives.

  1. What are the usual triggers that spoil family peace at home?
  2. How can we avoid / work around such triggers to ensure that we have a relaxed and happy evening.

(This might not apply for the heavy duty problems like incompatibility / in laws issues etc)

Clutter fights

Toddlers are messy and I have spent many evenings stomping around the house picking up my toddler’s things muttering “messy” “messy”. Not anymore.

Dh has a habit of buying any toy that dd asks for. I do the picking up and putting them away. Obviously I get upset especially when I step on something sharp at night.

To avoid those frequent “clutter fights”, we ended up buying this. TROFAST Storage system from IKEA – the best value for the dollar. I simply have to throw the toys into their respective bins. If you don’t have an IKEA nearby, even a book shelf can be turned into something similar to this. You can buy see through plastic boxes so it is easy for kids to find their toys.


Now I have labelled them and she puts them away.


What is on the menu

I started this habit when I had to manage home and school work. I cut veggies in my food processor for the whole week and put them in ziplock boxes. No more “@home nutritious food” vs “too tired to cook let us eat out” discussions. (usually I use reusable boxes).


Ask for help

We earn to lead a comfortable life. Hire help if possible. It can help maintain some peace at home.

Rather than expecting spouse to read your mind, when you need help, ask.

Talk and Laugh

Kids are important. But a couple cannot spend every evening watching cartoons.

Watch funny programs on TV. “According to Jim” is the best stress buster according to dh.

Make it a regular habit to sit and laugh as a couple / family everyday.


Don’t ignore those stress busters – Our batteries have to be recharged so we have the energy to carry on our daily duties.

Hobbies also provide some alone time away from our spouse.

Even though we are married, each of us need some personal time.

 Relax during weekends

Instead of planning a jam packed weekend, plan for some fun yet relaxing activity like playing board games or watching a movie together. Our body and mind will thank us for this well deserved rest. What better way to bond as a family? Our kids will remember this for sure.



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