The Things You Hear…Conversations in Public


I don’t eavesdrop intentionally…but sometimes, people are just too loud!

Just yesterday we were out and about…some conversations I heard brought a smile to my lips, others left me puzzled or stressed

“Ooooh, you think the devil has come? What did they do then?” It was so unexpected that I did hope to hear more…but the light changed and my older one was impatient to get to the playground. So don’t know what happened or why the devil was there! I will leave it to my imagination to fill in the blanks.

After the park came a loud argument between a couple…

“I don’t want to be late…”
“We have a lot of time before the show starts…”
“No, we don’t and if you don’t stop countering my every statement…”
“You don’t talk to me like this…”

I bet neither was going to enjoy the show they were heading to! Most of us at the zebra crossing were pretending to be focused at a point straight ahead


Then came the ending of a relationship…over the phone with twenty or so people walking beside you—not a good idea, especially if you are leaving a voice message! Some conversations are one sided, definitely.

“I think we need to take a break from our relationship now…We both need space to re-evaluate. I am going away on a holiday this week…”

I know two people whose partners broke the news over the phone and went on a holiday. Obviously a lot of planning went into timing the holiday!

Waiting for friends to meet us we heard the young woman seek reassurance from a psychic…

“Do you think this is what it means…so it is going to be resolved? Oh, thank you, thank you…….ok, I’ll call you again after … To find out what it says about the next step.”

Are we tangled up or what?


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