What Is Plastic Canvas?


Plastic canvas, an embroidery canvas, is used as a foundation for needlepoint or other counted work embroidery.


This craft material is made of plastic and has a grid of holes. It is also commonly known as vinyl weave.


Uses of plastic canvas

Due to its rigidity, it is useful for creating 3-dimensional objects like photo frames, tissue box covers, boxes, doll houses, book marks, purses and handbags.


Half cross stitch was used to make this 3D cube.


Plastic canvas is rigid and does not require the use of a hoop or frame. So it can be used to teach needlepoint and cross stitch to children.

Children can be given plastic needles to stitch with plastic canvas. Make sure that the eye of the needle will pass through the hole in the canvas.

plastic sewing needle for children

Choosing the right plastic canvas

Size of holes:

Plastic canvas comes in many colors and holes sizes. A number is used to describe plastic canvas. A 12 count plastic canvas will have 12 linear holes per inch. A 7 count plastic canvas will have 7 linear holes per inch. So smaller the number, bigger the holes / grid size.


Any cross stitch pattern can be adapted and used for plastic canvas embroidery. For the same cross stitch pattern, the size of the finished product will vary depending on the grid / hole size. So choosing the correct canvas is vital.

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Yarn is also chosen based on the size of the holes. Acrylic or wool knitting yarn are usually used to stitch on it.

One pack had 6 sheets. I remember paying around 3 dollars for the pack.

Pre-cut shapes and cutting plastic canvas:

Plastic canvas is commonly sold as rectangle sheets (most common is A4 size). Some craft stores also sell them in other shapes like circles, stars etc.

Plastic canvas can be cut into any shape using scissors.

Many different needle point stitches can stitched on plastic canvas. Tutorial on how to do needle point stitches on plastic canvas follows shortly.


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