Worrying over lost weight….

Have you ever worried about losing weight? 🙁 Well, yesterday evening I just did.

For an hour last evening I went frantic searching for the lost weight. I searched high and I searched low.

I opened all the cabinets – no weight.
I removed all the utensils and replaced them in good order- still no weight.

I opened the pantry and ran my eyes along the shelves – no weight.
I rearranged all the boxes and bags and discovered the long lost shahjeera and khus-khus packets. (bought fresh packets just last week).
That elusive weight still remained elusive.

My imagination went overdrive and I visualized a life of doom without that weight. :witsend:


Finally I found the pressure cooker weight just beneath a small lid I had placed while refilling my oil container. Yaay..

All was well with the world! I could breathe. I became Eliza Doolittle and began humming, “I could’ve danced all night…”.

My life without my pressure cooker weight is unimaginable. I am an one-stop-one-pressure cooker kind of cook.

Just sharing those moments when I, whose perpetual mission impossible is losing weight, did lose weight and worry about it!

(This post was written by Mrs. Kay)


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